It’s official! First swim of summer with one of my besties! Hanging out with one of my closet friends. We walked to Little Caesars, got a pizza then walked to store and got Mountain Dew and Oreos. What could be better?!

It’s true =)

It’s true =)

Last Day of School!

   So today was the last day of school. I’ve made promises to hang out with my friends, I have a new and improved boyfriend. For the time being my life is going amazing. I don’t think I’m gonna have a summer romance this year. I think I’m just gonna stick with the guy I have. He’s the fairy tale guy they tell you that doesn’t exist. I guess we’ll have to see what happens! 


  What are memories? The good or the bad? Or  both? Are memories the same as the past? I wonder…. Should we hold on to them? I think we should.

  Just a few minutes ago I was in my bed thinking and I thought of a memory that made me smile and giggle a little to myself. Those are the memories that we want to remeber, want to keep. But what do we do with the bad? 

  I honestly don’t think anyone can answer that except for you.

The Past.

  Tomorrow is the last year of what was one of the best. It’s true what they say about high school. It seems to flash with a blink of the eye. But with everything I’ve been threw, it’s worth it. Life is full of things you don’t want to do but those are the experinces. The ones that you’ll think of down the road when your thinking about the past. Someone once told me that you shouldn’t think of the past, that it’s the past. But I disagree. If you forget the past you can forget who you are. It’s important to not live in and to never move on. 

   Moving on is a part of growing up but the past makes us stronger. The past makes the future. The past makes us, you. So don’t forget the past. Because what happens when you try to and you lose someone? They memories of the past are what remind you of them and keep you smiling.

   My best friend killed himself last summer. Although it’s something I’ll never forget I sometimes want to. But then I think about it. What he did was his choice and believe it or not, it made me stronger. It has helped make me who I am today and I’m proud to say it. 

  So don’t live in the past. Just remember the good times so you don’t lose them. Even the bad. Because remember, they’re the ones that count too.


  Ever heard of it? Well I have. It’s defiantly a sight worth checking out. It’s sight were you can create your own fun beats and such. I found out about because of band.

  Speaking of band, we had our first marching band practice yesterday. It went well and I’m on top and on my game as always (knock on wood).

  Other news in my life is by boyfriend of a year and I broke up today. It was for the best and he treated me like crap. I thought I loved him but when I look back on the way he treated me, not fair. I still love him and I know it’s going to be hard but it’s something I have to do.

   While I’m on the topic of love, my best friend got her first kiss today. Her and her bf have been dating for years and finally kissed today. ADORABLE!

   And since this is my summer romance blog, I do have a bit of one already brewing. I can’t wait to see were it leads me. He already asked me out today. I hope this one lasts. I really like him =)

Flute Drama!

  Just when I think I’ve finally beaten my so to speak “enemy”. So this might seem stupid to some people but I play flute and piccolo and for marching band this upcoming season I’m supposed to play piccolo. Well the section leader who doesn’t care for me much and I for her. To make a long story short, she got section leader and gets to decide who gets to play it. Well look who’s not playing  it. 

  I know this is a bit of a stupid feud but I’m super competive. I feel like I always have to be a “top third”. A softball thing that I try and live my life by. Nothing else has really happened today so I think I’ll be done today. 5 more days until summer! Then I’ll be writing even more! I can’t wait!

Offff Course!!

  So I lied. I do have a story! So I’m downtown with a friend studying for our final exams. I called my parents to come get me and they won’t even though it’s raining outside. There excuse it’s my fault and I need to walk my lazy ass home. Sorry if it’s raining and it’s 45 outside or lower. This is just another commen example of how my parents so dearingly “love me”.


Playing on a playground when I was about two. I was wearing sandals and woodchip cut inbtween my big toe and the toe over. There was blood everywhere. To get me to stop crying, my uncle gave me candy.

Summer Romance

   There’s always summer romance in my life sadly enough. I’m not sure why. They all seem to turn out bad. I’m 16 and live in Michagan. For privacy, I won’t use any real names or my own and I’ll go by Fleur-Pascale, my French.

    To start off, I better describe myself. I’m short, about 5”3, long hair that I dyed deep redish brown and I’m fun haha I don’t know what else to say. You can figure that out for yourself as read my blog on. This summer I’ll be spending most of my days on the beach, hanging with friends and trying to get over the only guy I ever really loved who killed himself. Thankfully he wasn’t a summer romance.

     I can’t really think of anything else to say at the moment. I’ll blog on about every day before I go to bed. I’ll do this the whole summer. I really don’t have any stories today so for now….. Tootles!